About Us

When the Texas Hill Country needed a local bank that truly represented their interests, local business leaders pooled their resources and established Guadalupe Bank.


Our Story

In 2007, a strong group of local business owners felt the people of the Hill Country needed a place to bank confidently and where every relationship was truly valued. Our community needed a place that would willingly cater to its unique needs and where the livelihood of our customers and their families were considered on every account.


Where our word and a handshake make banking the way it should be.

To see this vision through, this dedicated group of individuals pooled their resources and asked their friends, neighbors, and other business owners to support them by investing in a bank designed to better serve the people of the Hill Country. Almost 100 of those colleagues agreed, and due to their determination, generosity, and love for their community, the capital was raised to see this dream through.


On March 17, 2008, our bank was chartered.

Guadalupe Bank was built by locals, for locals. We are an institution that has worked diligently to allow us to keep all our decision-making in-house by people in this community, and to grow and maintain our face-to-face relationships with our clientele and genuinely understand local needs. We have a commitment to every single customer, and to the people and small business owners in our community.


Built by locals, for locals. Bank local.

Our dedication to the local community means we do everything we can to support it. Each year, we donate thousands of dollars to select charitable organizations, and we give back to individuals and businesses that support Guadalupe Bank. Our heart is especially tender toward helping disadvantaged families on a multitude of levels, and to providing equal education for underprivileged children. Our hope is to reach those who have been dealt a bad hand that is beyond their control. Ultimately, we hope for families to stay together and overcome difficult circumstances. That is our hope and prayer. To be considered for sponsorship, please follow the link to fill out a Donation Request Form. If you qualify, we’ll contact you to determine how we can contribute to your cause.